1. When is the World’s Diabetes Day?   a)      14th November b)      11th December c)      15th October d)      1st July Ans: a   2. When is the International Workers’ Day?   a)      15th April b)      12th December c)      1st May d)      1st August Ans: c   3.When does Russia celebrates its Independence Day?   a)      […]

Math Magic Tricks – Birthday

Trick 1: Birthday magic Step1: Add 18 to your birth month. Step2: Multiply by 25. Step3: Subtract 333. Step4: Multiply by 8. step5: Subtract 554. step6: Divide by 2. step7: Add your birth date. step8: Multiply by 5. step9: Add 692. step10: Multiply by 20. step11: Add only the last two digits of your birth […]


What are the major languages spoken in Andra Pradesh? a)      English and Telugu b)      Telugu and Urdu c)      Telugu and Kannada d)      All of the above languages Ans:  b   2. The most commonly used bleaching agent is   a)      alcohol b)      carbon dioxide c)      chlorine d)      sodium chlorine Ans: c   3. Who won […]


1. Which one of the following was not authored by Annie Besant? a)             How India Fought for Freedom b)             The Future of Indian Politics c)              The Case for India d)             India Old and New Ans: d   2. Pointing to a photograph Lata says, “He is the son of the only son of my grandfather.” […]


A.D 78 Beginning of Saka era. 320 Beginning of Gupta era. 360 Samudragupta conquers the whole of N. India and much of the Deccan. 380-413 Rule of Chandragupta Vikramaditya, age of Kalidasa, renewal of induism. 606-647 Rule of Harshavardhana. 629-645 Hieun Tsang’s visit in India. 622 Beginning of Hijra era. 712 Arab invasion of Sind […]


1. The Press Freedom Day is observed on which of the following days? (A) 1st May (B) 1st June (C) 3rd May (D) 3rd June (E) 10th June ans: C   2. Which of the following schemes is NOT a social development Scheme ? (A) Indira Awas Yojana (B) Mid Day Meal (C) Bharat Nirman […]

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